Friday, November 12, 2010

The Place To Visit: Cartagena, Colombia

Colombian fashion designer Silvia Tcherassi's first hotel and spa is a colonial mansion renovated and decorated by her.
"Fashion and hospitality are both businesses totally committed to the creation of new experiences and new sensations; trying to awaken the inner senses of each person, wether through a new style of clothes or a perfect stay in a beautiful environment" Silvia Tcherassi.

The restaurant Don Juan mixes beautiful design with a seafood-centric international menu, prepared 
right before your eyes in Chef Juan Felipe Camacho's sleek open kitchen.

The Wayúu mochilas can be found all over Cartagena. They are round and colorful woven bags that take up to 20 days to make. This is the perfect chic exotic gift.

Barú is an island a half hour south of central Cartagena, famous for Playa Blanca and its white, sandy beaches. The island is also popular for scuba diving, snorkeling, and other activities. Tourists can take arranged tours to the island or take a scenic boat ride.

The old walled city (la ciudad amurallada) is what makes Cartagena different. Its winding streets lined with Spanish Colonial architecture with colourfully painted houses are delightful. The city was declared the “Historical Patrimony of Humanity” by UNESCO in 1985 and it is easy to see why. 

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