Sunday, November 14, 2010

Dogs and Decor

Designer Michael DePerno's West Hollywood home with his two dogs: a terrier-whippet mix, and Sticks, a whippet.

Jasper, the labradoodle, at designer Michael S. Smith’s Bel Air ranch house.

Director Michael Bay's (Transformers and Armageddon) Miami Beach home. He has two mastiffs: Bonecrusher (named after a Decepticon Transformer) and Grace (Liv Tyler’s character inArmageddon).

Decorators Jeffrey Alan Marks and Ross Cassidy have a labrador named Chessie in their Santa Monica home.

Designer John Caviness rescued Cooper, a German shepherd-greyhound mix. He lives happily in his East Hampton beach house.

Actress Ellen Pompeo’s two toy poodles, Gigi and Valentino, playing beside the swimming pool at her 1920s Hollywood Hills home.

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